Science and Nature Create a Bridge to Real Health

wellspringcbdThere’s a science to herbal medicine

There’s often quite a bit of contention when it comes to discussing medicine. People have a tendency to frame the idea within certain schools of thought. In doing so they can even end up creating artificial distinctions that really don’t exist. One of the most common areas where this can occur is with natural medicine. There’s an understandable tendency among the public to think of herbal medicine as somehow separate from science. It’s quite true that herbal medicine came to be long before what people now think of as the scientific method.

But people would be very wrong to assume that means plants weren’t being used in a manner which has a lot in common with science. In fact, the method of cultivating individual strains of plants would often create special varieties that are supercharged with various medicinal compounds. It’s true that the people doing so usually didn’t know exactly why what they were doing worked. They didn’t know about DNA, molecular science or anything else related to the methods by which plants interact with human cells. But they did know what created results. But now scientists have been able to take those results and combine them modern scientific knowhow.

Fusing science and plant life

One of the best examples of this process is real scientific hemp oil. It’s the end result of using medicinal strains of hemp which have been cultivated for quite some time. The main difference is that now researchers have been able to pinpoint the medicinal properties within various strains of hemp and then directly select for them. This has allowed for the creation of something really special. A type of hemp oil that’s fully natural, but also created to scientifically maximize the healing potential of the plant. It’s a new type of health item that bridges multiple spheres of knowledge.


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