All About RSHO Hemp Oil

About our product:

Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO)is a CBD hemp oil that contains no fillers, additives, or preservatives at all which is the reason our customers love it! This article will discuss how you can include this oil in your every day life, how it is made, and lastly the price ranges.

Every day use and how it’s made:

RSHO Hemp Oil is one of the best ways possible to include RSHO CBD hemp oil into your daily routine. It is decarboxylated, which is a chemical reaction that is used in order to increase it’s CBD content. It is then extracted by using supercritical CO2 and triple lab tested as well. This ensures that it is super clean and adds CBD to your diet. Not only does our hemp oil contain and abundance of CBD, but it is also rich in many different things such as vitamins, minerals, terpenes, and other trace cannabinoids. Each tube contains exactly seventeen percent CBD in its unfiltered oil in order to strengthen its effects.

Directions on how to use it:

Our hemp oil is taken orally and comes in applicator that is in fact very easy to use. To use it simply press the suggested serving size onto your finger or even a spoon and place under your tongue. Make sure the oil stays in your mouth for a full minute and then go ahead and swallow it.


We pride ourselves on being reasonably priced so we are able to get our product to those who want and need it. We have competitive rates and are the best in the business. Here are the rates for our tubes of hemp oil: Three gram tubes are $139.95, ten gram tubes are $349.95, and six to ten gram tubes are $1749.95. Learn more about real scientific hemp oil come visit us at our site.


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